Sunday, December 09, 2007

Everyone bow to King Steinbrink, Pleasant Prairie Village President

Recently someone asked my why John Steinbrink is still in the state legislature. The guy does very little in the legislature.

I told the truth.

John Steinbrink is King and he runs the village of Pleasant Prairie.

He is the President of the village board and what he says goes.

Surrounding and protecting Steinbrink are his minions on the village board.

The moment anyone criticizes Steinbrink, his minions fly into action. Immediately defending his actions.

Well, Steinbrink is up to his usual tricks and the Kenosha News is calling him on it again.

This time it is about John Steinbrink's exemption from the Clean Water Utility fees.

Mysteriously, Steinbrink owns at least 205 acres of land and 195 acres are exempt from the exorbitant fee. (some folks pay upwards of $100 a month)

Steinbrink's minions flew into action when they heard this story was coming out, immediately stating that the law stated that agricultural land is exempt.

Unfortunately, that is not necessarily true. According to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau , the law does not state a specific exemption for agricultural property. Read the letter from the LFB here.

The Kenosha News goes so far as to state that it could be open to interpretation.

Magically, the John Steinbrink and his buddies have interpreted this to mean that most of Steinbrink's land is not subject to the exorbitant fees that everyone else is subject to.

Quite a coincidence, huh?

Reminds me of another coincidence not too many years ago, where Steinbrink made well over a million dollars after his land was rezoned and sold to WisPark. Coincidently, Steinbrink is the person to appoint members to the zoning commission. They coincidently rezoned it so Steinbrink made millions.

Speaking of coincidences, guess who is in charge of administering the Clean Water Utility in Pleasant Prairie?

That would be Prince Steinbrink Jr., John Steinbrink's son.

Quite a coincidence, huh?

The normal course of action by the Steinbrink crew, when these types of things pop up in the Kenosha News, is to lash out at the Kenosha News and scream that the paper is not being fair.

Come on, folks.

How many coincidences should the Kenosha News reporters and the regular folks overlook before these things are no longer a coincidence?

How much can reasonable people be expected to overlook before they start questioning their leaders?

As far as challenging Steinbrink's positions of power as the Village President and as State Representative, be prepared for the fight of your life. John Steinbrink and his minions will attempt to destroy you. Just ask the last two fellows that ran against him.

Speaking of the last two fellows that ran against him, one of them was actually declared the winner. Yippee! Steinbrink had been defeated. Of course, about an hour after being defeated, someone "found" an extra 100 votes for Steinbrink. John Steinbrink was then declared the winner.

Just a coincidence, I am sure.


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