Friday, December 21, 2007

Sshhh! You are not allowed to even say the word "Christmas"

Hat Tip: Red State

The Oklahoma Attorney General has forbidden employees for the state school, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, from saying the word "Christmas" or use of the word "Christmas" in their Christmas decorations.

When I first read this on Red State, I automatically thought that this must be a ugly rumor. Surely no attorney general in his right mind would actually try to ban someone's speech. Certainaly this man had to have read the US Constitution at some time during his schooling.

So, I started scanning the internet trying to find out some info. I came across Daily Kos. Originally Daily Kos gave the impression that this entire story was false. Now, Daily Kos isn't so sure that the story is false, anymore.

Liberty Counsel is the originator of this story. They are coughing up some names and details on who was told that the word "Christmas" had been banned. The Washington Examiner has picked up on the story.

So far, the Admissions department, the Records department, the business offices and the IT department seem to be confirming that they have all been told to remove the word "Christmas" from all decorations, emails and voice mails.

City Commissioner, Warren Goldman, contact the school's provost, Dr. Sonove and was told that the Attorney General had issued this declaration.

Folks it appears to be true, no matter how hard the Attorney General is now attempting to deny it.

Red State has encouraged folks to call the Attorney General Drew Edmonson's office and wish him a very Merry Christmas at 405-521-3921.

I plan on calling myself.

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