Saturday, December 01, 2007

Democrats slap Michigan for early primary

Talk about treating states like they are worthless, the DNC has now stripped Michigan of it's delegates for next year. They did the same to Florida a couple months ago.

Even if their delegates are seated at the DNC convention, the candidates themselves have already promised not to campaign in these two states during.

To make matters worse, some of them have also pulled their names off the ballots in Michigan. Edwards, Obama, Biden and Richardson have pulled their names off the ballot.

That is really too bad for Obama, because he lives in a state that is so close to Michigan, I find it odd that he is so willing to give up what could be important votes in Michigan. He may need to win that state in order to stay in the running.

In 2004, both Florida and Michigan were considered toss-up states and they may be again.

So how wise is it for the Democrats to treat these two states so poorly?

Treating these two states as red headed step children that need to be punished does not sound like a good plan to me.

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