Friday, December 21, 2007

It's not her fault...

I grew up in Dallas and have been a Cowboy fan for years. I am also a Packer fan. When the Cowboys play the Packers, I cheer for the Packers.

I like the idea that the Packers might get home field advantage if the Cowboys lose another game and the Packers do not.

However, this garbage of blaming Jessica Simpson for the loss by Dallas is for the birds. I saw Romo play at Buffalo a few months ago and he played just as bad. 6 interceptions, I think. He got lucky at the end of the game and was playing a defense that was not so good and pulled it out. The Cowboys were within a touchdown last week and could have gotten just as lucky, but he was playing a good defense.

It is really annoying that some Cowboy fans are not mature enough to admit that Tony Romo is responsible for his own actions both on an off the field.

Romo has bad days, just like Favre does. It happens.

Get over it.

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