Sunday, December 23, 2007

Illegal Immigration: The elitists are not listening

I swear, it is almost like they are deaf and cannot hear the people of this state who are screaming at their top of their lungs that they have had enough.

I am talking about the issue of illegal immigration and the editorial board at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Once again, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is lecturing the people of Wisconsin, Republicans in particular, for their stance on illegal immigration.

Clearly the MJS editorial board is completely ignoring the legal residents of this state. Not even a month ago, a very telling poll came out.

76% oppose allowing illegal immigrants to hold driver's license. 19% support giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.

As if that was not enough, even more of a telling sign, 86% of Wisconsin residents do not want to have the benefit of in-state tuition like all of the legal residents of this state. Only 10% of Wisconsinites believe that illegal immigrants should have that benefit.

To completely ignore these types of statistics and write the type of editorial they did, bashing the Republicans, means that MJS editorial board has completely lost touch with this issue and how it relates to Wisconsinites.

This is a sign of irresponsible journalism. The MJS board is literally lecturing Republicans for NOT SUPPORTING ILLEGAL BEHAVIOR.

It is almost like MJS does not realize that they are doing it. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is supporting the illegal behavior, lecturing Republicans for not supporting it, and giving the impression that the wise Democrats do support illegal behavior.

The excuse they are using is we need the workforce. What we cannot get the workers we need in the US by bringing them here legally?

I understand the paper's argument that the Latino community is not happy with Republicans on this issue, but for heaven's sake, the Democrats are now showing that they have the same problem.

Think back for just a moment to when Hillary's campaign began to nosedive. It was the moment she stood up in a debate and claimed that she supported driver's licenses for illegals.

As soon as she could, she began to backpeddle. The Democrats had turned on her.

As the MJS lectures lawmakers about not yet coming up with a solution to fix the problem, perhaps they should have recognized that the Democrats control both houses of Congress.

Whatever issue it is the Democrats feel needs to be addressed, they have the platform to do it.

The Democrats have the floor.

You don't see the MJS editorial board lecturing the Democrats for not fixing this issue in this op ed piece, they are lecturing Republicans and 86% of Wisconsinites that has had enough.

Why is it the MJS does not seem to recognize that the Democrats run this state and run this nation?

Why haven't the Democrats brought this issue out front and into the limelight?

If the MJS wants the issue of illegal immigration addressed in this country, then they need to talk to their buddies, the Democrats, because the Democrats hold the gavel.

Common sense tells the us that the issue of illegal immigration may indeed pick up some Latino votes for the Democrats, they could very well lose everyone else.

America has had enough. Billions and billions of tax dollars are being spent supporting health care, education and housing for illegal immigrants.

What would have really been cool is to have the WPRI poll to address the issue of health care for illegal immigrants.

That would be a tough question to answer for both Republicans and Democrats. We have already heard that one of the biggest issues in Wisconsin is the issue of health care.

How do Wisconsinites feel about paying for the health care of illegal immigrants, even as the legal residents struggle to keep themselves and their families healthy?

Wisconsin's health care is not cheap, but we have some of the best doctors in the world at our disposal in Wisconsin.

That is billions upon billions of tax dollars that are not being spent on legal residents of the US.

Wisconsinites are not alone in their beliefs on illegal immigration. All across the country, poll numbers just like ours are popping up.

Check out Ohio's poll numbers done just a month before our poll-

84% to 11% oppose driver's licenses for illegal immigrants
61% to 35% oppose giving a free education to children of illegal immigrants
70% oppose giving benefits like health insurance, welfare or food stamps to illegal immigrants

These types of numbers are nation wide.

With these types of numbers, rest assured, it isn't just Republicans that want illegal immigration problems to be dealt with. There are plenty of Democrats that have had enough also. Just ask Senator Hillary Clinton.

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