Monday, December 31, 2007

A positive spin

The MJS is attempting to put a positive spin on Wisconsin's competitive business outlook, which I can certainly appreciate.

I love living in Wisconsin, but I hate our tax and business environment.

What I dislike even more is the fact that under Doyle's leadership, this state is dropping in it's rankings, year after year.

Wisconsin was 22nd in the annual study by the Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University in Boston, which measures eight categories that affect economic activity. Wisconsin was 16th in 2005, 19th in 2006.
One of the suggestions offered up in this article is to make Wisconsin wages higher.

Of course, higher wages equals higher income tax revenue.

Higher personal income tax revenue should give the state an opportunity to take the pressure off of the business taxes.

I can certainly understand this argument.

However, this is not the direction that the Democrats in this state are leading Wisconsin.

In fact, it is totally the opposite.

Democrats want to increase the pressure on Wisconsin businesses.

Clearly, with a new proposal touted by the Senate Democrats, is that they want to increase the pressure on Wisconsin businesses.

Democrat Senators Dave Hansen, Bob Jauch and my own personal senator, Bob Wirch, have decided that they should demand answers from Wisconsin businesses on why they are not paying enough taxes.

MJS, Dec 20-

Democrats lauded and Republicans panned a proposal introduced at a Capitol news conference Wednesday aimed at forcing public companies to disclose strategies they use to lower their Wisconsin corporate income tax bill.

The Democrats appear to believe that the problems with Wisconsin's high taxes is because businesses do not pay their fair share.

The proposal would make publicly traded companies disclose what they paid in Wisconsin taxes; what tax breaks, credits or exemptions they had that affected their tax liability; and the taxable income of all subsidiaries. Companies doing business in the state and not filing a return also would have to send the Department of Revenue an explanation of why.

So the conundrum continues...

What we need here is clear leadership and we do not have it.

Currently every area of Wisconsin is under pressure to pay more and more in taxes.

Starting tomorrow Wisconsinites personal incomes are under attack by Governor Doyle and the Democrats that continue to back him.

Car registration fees are up.

Driver's license fees are going up.

Cigarette taxes are going up.

UW tuition is going up.

Local and county taxes are going up.

On and on...

The pressure being put on Wisconsin's upper, middle and lower class of taxpayers has gotten way out of control.

Now, the Democrats want to ratchet up the pressure even higher on Wisconsin businesses.

We need Wisconsin businesses to be fiscally strong and viable in order to continue to employ Wisconsinites and pay them good wages.

Wisconsin businesses cannot pay people more money, because they are too busy trying to exist in Wisconsin's horrible tax climate.

We learned from another study, that Wisconsin businesses are marching backwards in their ability to be able to complete.

I do not know how to put it more simply that this:

Wisconsin's taxes are too high!

Personal incomes are taxed too much!

Businesses are taxed too much!

Every level of government in Wisconsin is charging too much in taxes and fees. Local, county and the state government are guilty of this same crime.

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