Sunday, September 03, 2006

Taking the battle into a courtroom

Good. It is good to see Mark Green's campaign is willing to take this battle into a courtroom.

It is time to show the Wisconsin voters the shenanigans that Doyle is pulling. Unless Mark Green is willing to fight this in court, there is no way to completely expose this stunt to the Wisconsin voters.

Front page, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-

Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Green indicated Saturday that he will go to court to hold on to $467,844 in disputed political action committee money, though the battle ahead is as much political as it is legal.

In his first comments since the State Elections Board on Wednesday ordered him to give up the money, Green accused Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle of undue influence on the board.
"It shows a campaign that is desperate," Green said while campaigning in Milwaukee. "Jim Doyle has introduced corruption into the Elections Board."

That underscored what will be Green's message in the days ahead, though analysts said the decision and its fallout have broken Doyle's way in the increasingly bitter election.

The decision lets Doyle's campaign slam Green as illegally hanging on to "dirty money." And analysts and observers said it could neutralize GOP efforts to portray Doyle - whose administration is the subject of a state and federal investigation - as the one raising tainted money.


I would love to talk to some of the so-called "analysts". Perhaps some of these "analysts" need to hit the streets and listen to what people are really talking about.

I spoke to an undecided voter yesterday. He had heard about this issue on the news Wednesday. All I had to tell him is that the State Elections Board created a new rule after the money was transferred that disallowed money that was raised legally. The undecided voter was furious at Jim Doyle.

Let the Doyle camp make whatever ad they would like. All we have to do is point to that ad and tell the Wisconsin voters how the Doyle dominated elections board changed the rules after the money was transferred.

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign and the Doyle camp can keep talking about a rule that blocks out of state PAC money, but that argument does not fly either.

If the PAC money was already illegal for Mark Green to use, why then did the State Elections Board have to write a new rule the day after Mark Green transferred his money? Why was the need for a new rule, if a rule barring this type of transaction was already in place? If there was a rule barring this type of transaction, why was Democrat Tom Barrett allowed to exactly the same thing?

Jim Doyle and the Democrats are on a ego driven power grab.

Check out how they have stacked the deck in their favor. The State Ethics Board, the State Elections Board and the State Justice Department are chock full of Doyle loyal appointees.

These appointees will create any rule, ignore any law and do whatever it takes to keep their buddy, Jim Doyle, in power.


Anonymous said...


If the experts are correct, then is it not logical that that Tom Barret is also holding tainted money? Remember this date, September 22. That is the day they sentence a 50ish Grandmother for the crime of being a Doyle stooge. Any bets on whether or not she "flips"?

displaced ched head said...

I'm always worried about taking anything to court. It feeds into the notion that the third branch of our Governing is most powerful. They are not and should not be. The other point is the use of the courts by the left to circumnavigate legislation that the people actually vote for; ie, the gay marriage fiasco in Mass. and the "no terrorist" rulings in Mich.
Lowering oneself to leftist rhetoric is not the answer. Take it to the people we know whats best.

K. Carpenter said...

You are correct in your assumption Ched Head that the courts in Wisconsin are owned by Jim Doyle also and are not to be trusted. I believe that I even mentioned it in this blog.

But, just because people making the rules are stacking the deck against Mark Green, does not mean that I do not expect Mark Green to follow the rules.

I expect Mark Green to take this to court and further expose Jim Doyle's ethical problems.