Thursday, September 21, 2006

Governor Doyle and the State Elections Board

Owen at Boots and Sabers has the latest details on the contact between the State elections board officials and the Doyle camp.

Owen has a copy of the emails sent between the State Election board members and Doyle's lawyer.

Let's just say, these are very damaging.

Check it out-

Michael Maistelman(Doyle's lawyer) wrote the following to Carl Holborn(State Elections Board member) and Kerry Dwyer(State Elections board member):

"I have also been told that the Gov's Campaign and the Dem party and others will give you cover on this in the media-not like what happened on HACA same day registration."

Not only was the governor's campaign and the state elections board in on this- but it appears that the Democratic party of Wisconsin were also in on this.

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