Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Here we go again

One of Jim Doyle's partisan hacks has every intention of going after even more of Green's money-

Robert Kasieta, a Democratic appointee to the Elections Board, said he will ask the full board at its Oct. 4 meeting to order that Green's campaign divest about $775,000 more, in addition to the $467,844. That would leave Green with about $43,000 of the $1.3 million he transferred from his federal campaign account to his state account.

Even though the partisan hacks on the State Elections board have been exposed, they have no problem using their power to continue to destroy Mark Green's campaign.

The ethically challenged board members now have the opportunity to destroy each and every single candidate they want to destroy. Each and every candidate with the (R) after their name; is at risk of being politically and financially destroyed by this State Elections board.

We need to face a few facts, Jim Doyle's thugs run the state of Wisconsin. Jim Doyle and his cronies will bend any law they want to make sure that Jim Doyle wins this election.


steveegg said...

The state "Justice" Department already beat the bought-and-paid-for Kasieta to the punch; their brief before Doylie Judge Richard Neiss already requests that as an additional "punishment".

Anonymous said...

It's time for the Republicans to get some backbone (I'm controlling myself)and do something EXTREME! All candidates, Pac's and political organizations should withhold their upcoming Campaign Finance Reports. Will it happen? Never- but it was a fun thought.

Interloper said...

You are a COWARD for not publishing my comments yesterday on Gren's education proposals. From your blog, it's obvious that you only publish right-slanted comments. Can't handle a different point of view, eh?

jeff said...


You obviously dont read some of my comments which are always posted. Kathy is not a coward in publishing comments she may not agree with. You are a FOOL for claiming she is.