Thursday, September 28, 2006

Time to expose this fool

I have been getting the normal share of harassing emails. I have ignored them for the most part.

As most of you already know, I moderate all comments. The reason I moderate the comments is because this is my blog and I am responsible for the words on this blog.

As most of you are aware- feel free to disagree with me or my positions. However, I will not post vulgarity, nor will I post comments that are meant to be nothing more than nasty.

Over the past several weeks, I have been harassed by a "anonymous" poster.

What this person does not understand is that once you reach the internet, you are no longer anonymous. You IP address is recorded at every single website you enter.

This person may actually believe that they can block their IP address. Bad news, you cannot!

This website has a variety of ways to track you and your IP address., Site Meter, Technorati, Google, Yahoo and Feedburner are all tracking you.

Your own server, is tracking every single website you enter.

As I said, normally I ignore this garbage, until I received threatening posts.

This is the first post that I received last night:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Al Queda in Iraq has a few job openings":

K. Carpenter we are gathering much information about you. Your coward ways of not publishing comments and preforming censorship on your blog has lead us with the need to expose just who you are. You are a coward and a fraud. Stay tuned dipshit.

Publish this comment.

Reject this comment.

Moderate comments for this blog.

Posted by Anonymous to Stepping Right Up! at 9/28/2006 05:21:38 PM

This post was then followed by an additional post giving the name and address of some poor innocent person in Kenosha, who isn't me.

My guess is this poster has now taken to not only attempting to seek out and find me, but now they are harassing an innocent person who happens to have the last name of "Carpenter" and live in Kenosha.

I consider this person who is posting this garbage a threat to me and now this person is also a threat to anyone with the last name of "Carpenter" who lives in Kenosha.

Here are the steps that I have started taking in order to get these type of threats to stop:

1. I have disabled the anonymous feature. Unless you are registered with Blogger, you can no longer post a comment. (my friends who are having trouble registering with Blogger, contact me, I will help walk you thru the process of registering)

2. I have contacted your IP server and given your IP address to them so they can further track your handiwork on the internet. Stalking people and threatening people is against the law, even on the internet.

3. I am contacting my attorneys for further legal advice.

4. I have saved many of these obnoxious and threatening comments to be turned over to authorities if this does not stop immediately.

Here are some of the choice posts that have been sent to me:

Did you suck his neo-con dick too? What you blog about amounts to treason and Bucher doesn't have a shot at winning. Just watch you have no idea what is going on with the grass roots movement. Just thank Paul for his stance on sobreity check points.. You shill you wil be exposed for the liar and sheep you're!! You're complicit to 9-11 too with your other posts. The Dems and Reps pulled off 9-11 it was an inside job you fucking idiot!

--Posted by Anonymous to Stepping Right Up! at 9/06/2006 05:51:08 PM

You don't deserve freedom. You're not an American, you're not even honest to the bill of rights or the constitution. The thing is you stupid ignorant neo-cons fail to understand that giving up your liberty will not get you safety. You can put a check-point on every street in Wisconsin and it will not stop drunk driving nor will it deal with the core issues or reaons there is a drunk driving problem in the first place. Are you sooo STUPID that you don't see why disgusting human beings like Adolf Bucher want this? What will this POS ask for next, maybe a seat-belt check point. Move to Russia and take your tyranny with you. Bucher has no chance in hell in winning and a large grass roots campaign againts him and Falk is already happening on MySpace. The political fight will be taken to you neo-con anti-American scumbags.

--Posted by Anonymous to Stepping Right Up! at 9/05/2006 09:30:29 PM

To this poster- What makes you think you have the right to post on my blog?

And if I don't post your comments, you threaten me.

I will use ever single power at my disposal to stop the harassment and threats.


J said...

This is pretty disgusting. Good on you for taking steps against this guy. His poorly written rants don't even make sense, and have now crossed the line into dangerous.

Ron_L said...

The intellectual elite stike again. Losers, one and all.

jeff said...

If he was an intellectual, he wouldnt need to resort to the types of comments he is making.

BBG said...

this kind of thing is the sign of an uneducated mind.

I say track him/her down and have some liberal lawyer put him/her in jail. Now theres a kick a** idea.

atarijpb said...

Good luck! Hate has no place on any blog - conservative or liberal. Heat, yes - Hate, no.

atarijpb said...

Actually, now the I have re-read the comments, there are no threats of violence. I absolutely do not agree with the way your anonymous person expressed themselves in the first sentence of the first noted post, but you are the one who is blogging. Moderation of these comments just makes it look like you are only sympathetic to those who agree with you.

Even guys like Dad29 who are much more conservative than you allow anyone to post unmoderated. If you are going to run a blog as a forum for your ideas, perhaps you should develop a thicker skin. Just a suggestion.

K. Carpenter said...

Clearly atarijpb- you have no clue. Attempting to track down some person's name, address and phone number because of something someone has written on a blog is way over the line.

Perhaps this is acceptable behavior to you, most would disagree.

The Badgerland Conservative said...

atarijpb really does not have a clue. I have had similar threats made toward me, including an attempt to make me quit blogging or damaging information about me would be released to various lefty bloggers and outlets to publish.

This type of behavior is covered under cyberstalking laws. We are private citizens, not public figures, and as such still reserve the right to privacy as well as protection from laws concerning libel and slander as well.

atarijpb said...

Cite the statutes - let's see them.

K. Carpenter said...

Funny you should ask that question, I was looking it up after Peter had posted.

Wisconsin State Statutes

Chapter 940

940.32 Stalking

under 6M

40.32 (1) (a) 6m. Photographing, videotaping, audiotaping, or, through any other electronic means, monitoring or recording the activities of the victim. This subdivision applies regardless of where the act occurs.

And again under Chapter 940

940.32 Stalking

The actor intentionally gains access or causes another person to gain access to a record in electronic formate that contains personally identifiable information regarding the victim in order to facilitate the violation.

The law was last amended by Assembly Bill 738

The Badgerland Conservative said...

Basic libel and slander laws protect us as private citizens.

We are not public figures simply because we maintain a blog, any more than any citizen who writes letters to the editor of a local newspaper.

In addition, threats are also governed by laws that deal with extortion and blackmail as well.

Anonymous said...