Thursday, September 21, 2006

More interesting news

Michael S. Maistelman- the attorney hired by the Doyle campaign, seems to have quite a background with the Democratic part in Wisconsin.

Michael S. Maistelman is the treasurer for the Jim Sullivan campaign. Sullivan is the person running against Tom Reynolds in the Wisconsin Senate.

Here is what WisPolitics said about Michael S. Mailstelman-

MICHAEL S. MAISTELMAN, a Milwaukee Dem lawyer, was tabbed a "Rising Star'' recently by Campaign & Elections magazine in D.C. He has helped Gov. JIM DOYLE, U.S. Sen. RUSS FEINGOLD, the state Dem Party, various Dem-leaning groups and state Rep. TOM NELSON, a freshman Dem who scored an upset in 2004.

Edited to add: I know the governor is trying to distance himself from one of his campaign's attorneys. Clearly, Maistelman was not some slug in the Democratic Party. He is one of their high profile attorneys.

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