Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wow- that is a lot of dough

Green did some fundraising this July and August.

This period, Green raised: $1,338,071.43

This period, Doyle raised: $494,007.81

Before the liberals start whining- Green did raise $500,000 in one day that the President came. Even if you take that away that $500,000- Mark Green still outraised Jim Doyle with $838,071.

Now, cash on hand:

Green: $3,720,079.30
Doyle: $4,047,459.96

Two months ago, Mark Green was behind Doyle by $2 million. As you can see, the gap is now only $327,380.

Even if the Doylies on the election board manage to steal $468,000 in campaign funds, Green is still behind Dolye by about $795,380. This is not a huge lead compared to where the Green camp was 2 months ago.

I am proud of the Green camp for closing the gap of $2 million down to $327,380.

Now all we gotta do is get the tight fisted Mark Graul to part with a few of these dollars so we can help Mark Green get elected. Of course, Mark Graul's tight fisted nature is why the gap has been closed so much.

Good job, Graul! Now cough it up! We need more yard signs, t-shirts, telephones, bumper stickers and lit to drop!

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