Tuesday, September 05, 2006


For your reading pleasure, this post was aimed at me yesterday. Check out what this real grown up wrote:
Your support for Paul Bucher as AG is disgusting. You're another sheepish American who would willingly give up all your rights and fredoms to the big bad government. Hey genius do you realize what slippery slope we are moving down if you allow sobriety check points? Bigger government bigger police WOW how conservative.. You're a neo-con shill and I will expose you chump. This is just the begining!

Who is this brave soul that is out to get me? Who is the tough talking person that intends to stalk this blog?

Who knows? This tough person was too chicken to post under his or her own name. They posted as anonymous.

Pretty tough cookie, huh?

By the way, please be advised that just because you post, as an anonymous poster does not mean that you are anonymous. Every time you log on to the internet, your anonymity disappears. Millions of eyes are watching you. WOW- talk about big government!!!

On this website alone, it is very easy to find out who you are. Blogger.com, Technorati, Site Meter and Yahoo all are tracking you on this site.

Boy, September 13 cannot come soon enough. I am getting awful tired of this garbage.


Anonymous said...

You don't deserve freedom. You're not an American, you're not even honest to the bill of rights or the constitution. The thing is you stupid ignorant neo-cons fail to understand that giving up your liberty will not get you safety. You can put a check-point on every street in Wisconsin and it will not stop drunk driving nor will it deal with the core issues or reaons there is a drunk driving problem in the first place. Are you sooo STUPID that you don't see why disgusting human beings like Adolf Bucher want this? What will this POS ask for next, maybe a seat-belt check point. Move to Russia and take your tyranny with you. Bucher has no chance in hell in winning and a large grass roots campaign againts him and Falk is already happening on MySpace. The political fight will be taken to you neo-con anti-American scumbags.

Kate said...

Ya ever notice that most of the nasty mouthed moonbats are named Anonymous?