Friday, September 08, 2006

Another AG Poll

Here are the latest poll numbers for the AG race

Fav Unfav No Opinion

Lautenschlager 37 34 29
Bucher 29 18 53
Falk 34 21 45
Van Hollen 26 19 55

Bucher vs Lautenschlager

Bucher 38%
Lautenschlager 43%

Van Hollen vs Lautenschlager

Van Hollen 32%
Lautenschlager 44%

Bucher vs Falk

Bucher 38%
Falk 46%

Van Hollen vs Falk

Van Hollen 29%
Falk 47%


GOPgal said...

Who are these idiots that have a favorable opinion of Lautenschlager? They must be living under a rock.

Anonymous said...


As much as I like and support Paul Bucher, this poll is at best highly questionalbe. First, is WISC-TV. Next, the internals are not much better than an on-line poll at you site. Highly biased and have no valid comparison to the "Likely Voter" or adequate out-state coverage. Hey all's fair in love and war, but don't read too much into a poll like this.