Monday, September 18, 2006

Voice of the People-printed Kenosha News 09/08/2006

We call it "Voice of the People" here in Kenosha, most of you would call this a letter to the editor.

The author is Tom De Fazio from Kenosha. Alot of work went into the letter and the Kenosha News made Tom edit it from the original form.

I promised Tom, once this had been printed in the Kenosha News, I would post the original letter in it's original form. This is probably one of the best, most well thought out, letters to the editor that I have ever read.

Note: V-O-T-E M-A-R-K G-R-E-E-N

Here it is, enjoy:

Jim Doyle has unleashed negative ads completely distorting Mark Green’s record and views (on stem-cell research, education, energy costs, and jobs), trying to paint him as an extremist. In stark contrast, Mark Green is running a positive campaign. Dirty campaigning often comes from the challenger trying to make inroads against the incumbent. This time it’s reversed. Let’s hope integrity in campaigning means something. You may not agree with Mark Green on every single issue, but I would guess that Green’s real positions, which follow, are a lot closer to most Wisconsin citizens’ than are Doyle’s. Check out the website at

Veterans’ benefits: increase funding;

Ownership of homes: increase by
cutting red tape, excessive
regulations, property taxes;

Tuition to UW that is affordable
for Wisconsin residents;

Educational opportunities (more
money for the classroom, less
for administrative costs).

Money back in the hands of parents
and students through tax holiday;

Affordable health care (Co-op Care
for farmers & small businesses;
Health Savings Accounts);

Reduction of taxes (or he won’t run

Keeping good jobs in WI and
attracting new businesses

Genetic stem cell research with a
moral basis;

Respect for human life (pro-life,

Election system reform (including
voter ID);

Environmental Quality Department;
and Conservation, Forestry, and
Outdoor Recreation Department
to replace overextended DNR;

New energy policy: lower gas tax;
reduce expensive fuel blends.


BBG said...

WOW awesome letter. Not much more to say than that except it is good to see the TRUTH in print rather than the lies the soon to be X Gov. is spreading around.

Anonymous said...

Well the housing is growing ok what about the people trying to hang on to the homes. Our president bailed out these mortgage companies and they DO NOT help the people to keep there homes. You government people are liars. Whats messed up if you have a child you get help. You put in over 20 years somewhere your nothing. Why you slow ass government whats wrong with this picture. Not right at all. These companies are all for them selves that's fine what comes around goes around.