Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fight the good fight, JB

The battle begins for Wisconsin's Attorney General's office. Candidates JB Van Hollen and Kathleen Falk started rumbling on Wednesday.


Taking aim at Falk for a lack of prosecuting experience, Van Hollen, a former U.S. attorney and district attorney, said he has tried cases against murderers, rapists and abusers, and has put criminals away for life.

Kathleen Falk has ZERO experience trying criminals. She has gone after plenty of businesses, but never once stood in court in front of a murderer.

"Manning the hotline between DOJ and the Sierra Club does not make her a prosecutor," he said. "Her zealous harassment of businesses and farmers does not make her qualified to be attorney general."

Good one, JB!

(Hum, I wonder if they would let me man the hotline between the DOJ and the Sierra Club? Just give me 5 minutes to talk to those idiots, is all I ask)


jeff said...

What about her time as Assistant Attorney General? Not that I would vote for her, of course, but let's be honest in accessing her record.

Kate said...

I'd love to be a fly on the wall during that conversation! heh heh heh

K. Carpenter said...

I am being honest Jeff. I am rather tired of you questioning my honesty.

In her years with the attorney general's office, she specialized in environmental law. She did not face murderers, rapist, etc...

jeff said...

Her experience in the DOJ is just as valid as JB's experience. Besides, we both know that the AG rarely goes into court his or herself. The job is 80-90 percent administrative. A Republican with Falk's record would be a good choice as a candidate for AG.

Plus, I didnt question your honesty just the fairness used in assessing Falk's record.

With JB as our candidate, I may have to add the AG as well as the Governor's race as contests I will skip in November when I vote.

BBG said...

jeff skip voting??? Now that's an interesting idea and says a lot as far as who he REALLY is as a person.

jeff said...

Yes, it says that if I dont think a particular candidate is worthy of my vote, even if we belong to the same party, I wont automatically vote for him/her. When I became a Republican, I didnt drink the kool-aid like I would have had to if I became a Democrat. I believed and still believe that being a member of the Republican Party requires each member to think and vote/not vote for a particular Republican on the basis of how that candidate represents the values of the Party.

I have made no secret that I dont believe that Green, Lorge and possibly now JB Hollen dont represent those values. I believe that candidates like Paul Ryan, Dave Beth, and Reince when he ran, do.

I look friward to seeing everyone at the Colony House on Monday night.

Happy Mexican Independence Day weekend!!!!!!!!

Look for me driving a car in the Milwaukee parade on Sunday.