Monday, September 04, 2006

Volume 1- I support Paul Bucher because...

We are a week away from the Attorney General’s primary race. I want to spend some time this next week telling people why most of my friends and I will be voting for Paul Bucher for Attorney General.

I not only will be posting my own reasons for supporting Paul Bucher, but I have also asked a few friends why they will be voting for Paul Bucher.

In keeping with an original commitment that I had made when I endorsed Paul, I will not be bashing JB Van Hollen.

I believe that I have been fair to JB Van Hollen and I have refrained from beating up on him on this website. Even after I endorsed Paul, I have continued to keep the link the JB’s website up on this blog.

The reason that I even mention this is because I will be moderating the comments on this blog. If you happen to disagree with my position or Paul Bucher’s position, feel free to comment. Feel free to disagree without being nasty. Feel free to agree without being nasty. No nastiness or personal insults will be posted.

I asked my friend Pam why she was supporting Paul Bucher. I received a very interesting answer and not one that I have normally heard.

She supports Paul Bucher because of Paul’s support for victims and the families of victims. She spoke of a crisis response team that Paul Bucher had put together in Waukesha County to help the victims of crime.

I did a little legwork and discovered that Paul Bucher and Waukesha County Mobile Victims Assistance Unit had received a statewide award.


During last week’s Crime Victims Right’s week, Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager presented an award to the Waukesha County Mobile Victim Assistance crisis response team. The unit is directed by a potential future rival – Paul Bucher, the county’s district attorney and a rival for attorney general.

It is ironic that the current DA actually had to hand the award to her rival, Paul Bucher.

Now is the time to take this Mobile Victim Assistance unit statewide.

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BBG said...

This is just one more in a long list of GREAT Bucher ideas.

No one else in the race has anything to offer. Some have just decided to try and make Paul's ideas there own.

Guress that's more proof Bucher is the kinda guy that will be the next AG.