Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Debate

Did anyone catch the debate?

Some highlights-

Green slaps Doyle on taxes.

Governor Doyle slaps at Washington DC- it's their fault.

Green slaps Doyle on $1 billion dollar raid of transportation fund.

Governor Doyle blames previous governors- it's their fault.

Green slaps Doyle on the cost of UW tuition going up 50%.

Governor Doyle blames Washington again.

Congressman Green slaps Doyle $26 million computer fiasco. Wasted money.

Governor Doyle talks about stem cell research???

The most memorable line- "If you think you taxes are about right or you feel you pay too little in taxes, then I am not the candidate for you"

It was a good debate for Mark Green. Doyle was on the defense most of the night. Of course- who was Doyle defending? Answer: WEAC!


GOPgal said...

I also loved when Doyle asked that woman if she had high-speed internet, and she said no. OUCH -- but Doyle went on talking about high speed internet as if he was installing it everywhere for everone.

jeff said...

While I agree that WEAC is the 800 pound gorilla in the Doyle campaign room, I dont think he makes every decision thinking,"WWWD--What Would WEAC Do?" The Governor is an opportunistic liberal Democratic politician who responds to his base just like any politician of the Left or Right. On education, of course, that means responding to the wishes of WEAC, but that is just one area not his raison d'etre.

The great thing about WEAC is that it is a prime example of how a good idea (unions) can become a bad thing when it becomes more about the politics than truly standing up for the interests of its members and looking to work with the consumers of the service its members provides the community in general.

BBG said...

Another great line was about Doyle not able to do the math.

Guess Doyle is a WEAC grad????