Sunday, September 17, 2006


Normally I am not the type of person that will tell you to support Republicans at all times. Clearly we have seen the likes of Congressman Ney and Senator McCain in the Republican party and I want no part of any of these types of people.

However, with all the talk of the Democrats taking Congress this year, we have heard very little about strong Republican candidates with a chance to either hold the seat or pick up the seat for Republicans.

With the help of Sean from The American Mind and Right Wing News, I have discovered Rightroots!

Rightroots is a broad coalition of conservatives joining together in support of a solid slate of Republican candidates for the US House and Senate.

Rightroots is currently raising money thru the ABC Pac.

They are supporting and raising money for Wisconsin Republican candidate for the 8th district congressional seat, John Gard.

All of the interesting candidates that Rightroots is supporting have a real chance of winning.

Here are a few of candidates of note that Rightroots is raising money for:

John Gard is running for the WI-08 seat that has been vacated by Mark Green, who is running for Governor of Wisconsin.

Diana Irey who is running against John "Bash America First" Murtha.

Van Taylor who is running against incumbent Democrat Chet Edwards in a district that went 70% to 30% for George Bush. Taylor is a Iraqi war veteran and a Harvard grad.

For my friends and co-workers in Illinois, former CNN anchor Andrea Zinga is running to pick up a seat formerly held by Democrat Lane Evans.

Support your favorite Rightroots candidate or support all of the Rightroots candidates.

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