Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Pleasant Prairie's "Good Ol' Boy's Club" are at it again

The good ol' tax and spend boy's club in Pleasant Prairie are at it again. Working their tails off trying to figure out a way to raise the taxes for the already overtaxed people in Pleasant Prairie.

The ol' boys club of Steinbrink, Serpe and Kumorkiewicz are out to swipe another $325.30, on average, per household, per year-


PLEASANT PRAIRIE — Village Board members on Tuesday debated whether to ask residents to approve raising taxes several million dollars more than the state would allow.

The board members talked a lot but won’t be taking action on the matter until their next meeting, on Sept. 18.

The increase could be for a Jaws-of-Life tool, three heart monitors, a snowplow, an ambulance and possibly road repairs. All of that would add $1.20 per $1,000 of assessed value, or about $325.30 for the average home, for 2007.

Road repairs? Aren't these the same roads that were repaired a few years ago? Aren't these the same roads with the fancy new asphalt? Do you remember when they raised your taxes to pay for this fancy asphalt?

Yep- the fancy expensive asphalt is coming apart.

We already know that these boys assess your property values every 2 years, instead of every 5 years like everyone else, just so they can increase your property taxes every 2 years. We also know that they tax you at the highest assessed value possible- just so they can swipe more of your taxes.

Now here come those darn guys again begging for more money.

Since we already know that the good ol' boys club still have the majority on the village board, it is a pretty safe bet that the boys will push this thru.

It's not like folks did not warn you. Until one more person from the trio of Steinbrink, Serpe and Kumorkiewicz are removed from the board in Pleasant Prairie, the taxpayers will never catch a break.

You will get a chance to take village board president Steinbrink off of the board this next April. Will you actually do it this time?

Jeff and Alex- hang tough against the boy's club- help is on the way!

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