Sunday, September 24, 2006

Spivak and Bice: Getting at the truth the Wasserman way

As I first started reading Spivak and Bice's article on Les Wasserman, I felt bad for Les Wasserman. Spivak and Bice were prying into Wasserman's private life. Normally the private lives of all candidates should be kept private.

However, now I can see why Spivak and Bice did not keep this private. This whole article started off with one point of contention that the authors had-

On Thursday, we wandered over to the downtown law office of Lew Wasserman, the independent candidate for Milwaukee County district attorney, who faces prosecutor John Chisholm in November. We wanted to ask the long-shot candidate, among other things, why his campaign Web site said in his bio: "Family: Married to Attorney Jean M. Kies; 2 children."

We were curious because we knew, after talking to several family members, that Wasserman actually has six children with three women.

So, Wasserman actually has 6 children, but he only speaks of 2 on his website.

How do Wasserman's other 4 children feel about this? One of them had something to say-

Martin Wasserman, the candidate's 25-year-old son, was alerted to the discrepancy by a friend a couple weeks ago.

"It didn't completely surprise me," said Martin Wasserman, who has not had any contact with his father in 10 years. "It also bothered me at the same time."

What brilliant reaction did Wasserman have to the discrepancy on his website?

On Thursday, Lew Wasserman said he was bewildered that his estranged children are upset that he didn't remember them in his campaign biography.

"I can't imagine why they would be upset," he said. He added later, "Everyone associates Jean and me with two kids."

Good grief!

Les Wasserman just went from being a "long-shot candidate" to a "no-shot candidate".

As if we are not already upset enough at Mr. Wasserman- Spivak and Bice found out more information on Mr. Wasserman's military service.


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Anonymous said...

It's LEW, not Les. Dumbass.