Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Election Round-up

I am glad the primary is over. Here are how things came down, with a few comments from me:

Republican AG: Winner, JB Van Hollen- yes, money made the difference in the end. He will need a lot more money to defeat the Democratic winner. JB did what he had to do in order to get his name throughtout Wisconsin. JB got his message out. It was a great political move. It is time to rally around JB and get Wisconsin a new AG who is dedicated to fighting crime and not fighting business'.

Democratic AG: Winner, Kathleen Falk- yes, money made the difference in the end. Of course, Peg's arrest was the central focus in this race. Peg's fate was sealed the day they pulled her state owned car out of a ditch.

Republican Lt. Gov- Winner, Jean Hundertmark- simply put, Jean is one of Wisconsin's rising female stars.

Cross over voters strongly affected the races in Kenosha County. Just by looking at the number of people that voted for Jim Doyle and those that voted in the Democratic District Attorney race- about 2000 votes seperated them.

My guess is that somewhere around 2000 to 3000 voters in Kenosha County crossed over.

Democratic Congressional first district- Winner, Jeff Thomas. However, in Kenosha County Mike Hebert won. You gotta admire Hebert's push to win this seat. His hand painted yard signs are everywhere. By the way, it is probably good that Hebert did not win. None of those yard signs has that little diddy at the bottom stating "paid for by......". They would have all had to be taken down and redone before putting them out there again. Interesting thing about this race- the Democratic establishment in the state were backing Herr. Herr came in 4th in this race. It was not even close for Herr.

Democratic County Clerk- Winner, Edna Highland. Your welcome Edna. Conservatives in Kenosha County do not like her politics, be we like Edna. She is a nice lady who has been fair to conservatives in Kenosha County. Many in the Democratic establishment in Kenosha had turned their back on Edna and were supporting Krebs. For example, the unions were clearly supporting Krebs. Edna picked up a lot of cross over votes.

Democratic District Attorney- Winner, Robert Zapf. The Democratic establiment in Kenosha was strongly behind Zapf. Michels was running from behind since the beginning. At the end, the cross over votes for Michels made this race close.

In conclusion- positive results

A positive result is JB Van Hollen will do great against Kathleen Falk. Republicans have reason to be excited about this race. JB Van Hollen has a great shot at taking back the AG office and return the justice department's focus to fighting crime.

A positive result is that Congressman Paul Ryan will safely hold this seat for the Republicans in Congress. Jeff Thomas is a joke and has been a joke every single time he has run. By the way, how many times has Thomas run? I have heard that this is his 7th or 8th try at this seat.

A positive- the candidates are set and it time to go. In Kenosha, we are thrilled with the candidates we have.

Here are the priorities-


Mark Green- Governor
Jean Hundertmark- Lt. Governor
JB Van Hollen- Attorney General
Sandy Sullivan- Secretary of State
Jack Voight- State Treasurer

US Senate- I cannot vote for Lorge until he has cleared his name.


Paul Ryan- Congress
Neal Kedzie- State Senate
Tom Lothian- State Representative 32nd
Samantha Kerkman- State Representative 66th

Dave Beth- Kenosha County Sheriff

Brenda Mauer Witthun- Clerk of Courts

Jeff Kehl- County Treasurer


Anonymous said...

Great post Kathy!
Way to "rally" the troops!

Anonymous said...

Great analysis, Kathy, as always

jeff said...

I am excited about all the Republican candidates except Lorge and Green.

Cate said...

LOL re:, Doctor Thomas. Watching the returns last night I was hysterical at the thought that there are still people out there actually voting for the loon. It's too funny!

BBG said...

As has become the custom right on Kathy