Monday, September 18, 2006

Al-Qaida warns the pope that he and the West are doomed

First they demanded a personal apology, which they get, now what is the problem?

The group said Muslims would be victorious and addressed the pope as "the worshipper of the cross" saying "you and the West are doomed as you can see from the defeat in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya and elsewhere. ... We will break up the cross, spill the liquor and impose head tax, then the only thing acceptable is a conversion (to Islam) or (killed by) the sword."

Head tax? Oh, I see, now they are demanding money.

Islam forbids drinking alcohol and requires non-Muslims to pay a head tax to safeguard their lives if conquered by Muslims. They are exempt if they convert to Islam.

Where is Russ Feingold now? Is it okay to call these guys "Islamic fascists" now?

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