Saturday, September 23, 2006

Nice try Dems

Nice try Dems- but this won't fly-


Meanwhile, Republican Party executive director Rick Wiley said Friday that he spoke with Elections Board member John Savage, a Republican who was selected to serve by the party, on the day before the vote. Wiley said he called Savage to consult with him after hearing that Savage told people at a GOP fund raiser that he did not believe the vote was going to go in favor of Green.

Wiley said Savage told him that given the partisan makeup of the board - which has four Democrats, three Republicans, one Libertarian and one non-partisan appointee - it was unlikely Green's position would win out. Wiley said he told Savage he had to agree, but they didn't discuss any other strategy about the vote.

A call to Savage's home late Friday rang unanswered.

"For days Republicans have been pointing fingers at everyone but themselves to distract voters from the simple fact that Congressman Green violated state and federal laws with his illegal transfer," said Melanie Fonder, Doyle's spokeswoman. "What's wrong here is the Republican hypocrisy has been exposed."

As you Dems are well aware, it is not the contact with the board that anyone has a problem with- it is the MANIPULATION of the State Elections Board that is a problem!

In fact, it is you Doylies that have been telling us for days that it is perfectly acceptable for people to contact the State Elections Board- so accept it!

Unless you can prove that Wiley did more than just talk to Savage- then this does not fly. Unless you can prove that Wiley plotted and planned with Savage- then you lose this argument also.

This is about manipulating the board. This is about Doyle's lawyer using the State Elections Board to help Jim Doyle win the elections.

As Kevin at Lakeshore Laments has already pointed out- State Elections Board member, Savage, has voted consistently on this issue. Savage was part of the board that approved Democrat Tom Barrett's tranfer of his federal funds.

It is awful fun to be a conservative right now. We get to spend the next 6 weeks looking into every single aspect of how Jim Doyle has manipulated this election.

Jim Doyle and his cronies have been manipulating state contracts for his buddies for huge campaign contributions.

Jim Doyle has manipulating this state's finances to cover up for mistakes and to hide his deficit spending.

Jim Doyle has been manipulating this state's transportation fund and swiped over $1 billion and to pay off WEAC.

Jim Doyle has manipulated state contracts to pay off Wisconsin's Indian tribes.

Jim Doyle's continuous vetoes of any type of Voter ID is another form of manipulating this year's election.

Watch out Democrats and Jim Doyle, Wisconsinites don't like to be manipulated.

I have no proof yet, but I am convinced that Jim Doyle and his cronies at WEAC are manipulating Wisconsin residents into believing that everything is just fine with Wisconsin's education system.

I am not sure what the problem is right now, but Wisconsinites are dumping more money into our educational system than most other states are paying for their systems.

Consistently, one national and federal educational board after another are claiming that Wisconsin is way below average. Yet, we as taxpayers pay way above average for our student's education.

The truth about Wisconsin's educational system will come out.

When it does- will Jim Doyle be so thrilled as to continue to call himself "the educational governor"?

Jim Doyle will do anything and everything his can, whether or not it is legal or ethical, just to win this year's election.

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