Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Your tax dollars hard at work

From Wigderson's Library and Pub

I am glad to see my tax dollars hard at work.

DOA website

By the way- this is not illegal because it is Jim Doyle's Administration using a State owned website to promote his politics.

However, it this were a Republican administrator doing this- it would be against the law. Using state money and state time for political purposes is against the law.

But hey- it is Jim Doyle, so he gets to do whatever he wants.


jeff said...

Or could it be that the Equal Opportunities Commission realizes that the ban would be discrimatory against a segment of our population and wants to fulfill its mission to promote equality before the law?

I am no Doyle supporter but I say, "Amen and hoorah!"

K. Carpenter said...

Sorry Jeff, I should have been more clear. This is a DOA website- owned by the taxpayers of Wisconsin. Using taxpayer dollars to promote a political agenda is against the law. I am certain you know this.

But because you agree with the sentiment, then it is okay?

If this website was using tax dollars to say VOTE for Doyle- would you approve then?

steveegg said...

I'm sure jeff would approve of that, because for him and his fellow Doylies, it's all about winning at every cost.

jeff said...

There is a difference between advocating for a particular candidate and advocating against a proposal to deny citizens a basic right due to sexual orientation.

I would hope that none of us would advocate discrimination in housing or the workplace due to sexual orientation much less advocate the denial of the right to marriage for the same reason.

Steveegg, dont label me a Doylie. I am just a thoughtful Republican who believes there is nothing wrong with government saying that you shouldnt discriminate against your fellow citizens.

I am just acting in support of our State Party's Platform which says that no one should be treated differently because they are a member of a particular group. No special privileges but also no special restrictions. Lacking a compelling legal reason to deny same sex couples the right to marry, I have to support any group which would oppose the discrimination written in the proposed amendment.

If that makes me any less of a Republican in the eyes of my fellow Kenosha County Republicans, then more the pity for those individuals.

Anonymous said...

jeff, thanks for clarifying that you are a Kenosha WEAC member --it confirms my long held belief that the county is merely North Chicago...

jeff said...

sorry, no such luck. I am in insurance sales(property and casualty not health). In my spare time, I am a proud Republican, member of LULAC and also a Board Member of the Spanish Center. I also am a volunteer with Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

My only real vice is that I would rather discuss the facts of a situation and let the chips fall where they may. That is my gift; that is my curse.

So, ANONYMOUS, come with me and be what we all should be SOUTH PARK CONSERVATIVES!!!!!!!!