Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wisconsin Government exposing Wisconsin residents

This is beyond an embarrassment, this is now incredible irresponsible and dangerous.

Add Governor Doyle's Department of Administration to the growing list of incompetent government agencies exposing the private information of it's residents to the public domain.

For the third time in a year, our government has accidentally exposed people's social security numbers to the viewing public-


For the second time this month - and the third time in just over a year - a state mailing sent to thousands of people had visible Social Security numbers, officials said Tuesday.

This time it was the Department of Administration, of which Governor Doyle is directly responsible.

I am infuriated by the idea that this is no big deal to the Governor-

Gov. Jim Doyle, who was in Mequon to announce manufacturing tax credits, said residents should be confident that the mistake won't be repeated.


This happened a year ago and again twice in the last month. Why would a single person in the state be confident that this mistake will not happen again?
"It should be very evident that this is a very high priority," Doyle said.
How is it evident that this is a priorioty when it has happened again after last year???

Holy cow! This statement is like adding insult to injury.

By the way, today's announcement-

JS Online: NewsWatch

Information technology workers discovered in late November that a group of university identification numbers that were collected from those who made purchases at the university's tech store was available on a public Web site.

About 205 of the numbers were based on Social Security numbers, said Brian Rust, spokesman for the Division of Information Technology for the UW-Madison.

Apparently, UW Madison is also playing fast and loose with the private information of it's public employees!

Yeah! I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now that Doyle has stated: "It should be very evident that this is a very high priority".

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