Friday, January 11, 2008

KRM: Let the people decide

Sounds like a plan to me.

State Rep. Robin Vos is proposing a plan that would force the KRM people to fall in line with the people's wishes.

This bill requires voter approval, and lots of it, to install a sales tax of up to 0.5 percent. That money would be used to run mass transit including bus systems, and it would replace property taxes as the source of funding.

In order for the KRM to proceed every single municipality would have to approve it in a referendum.

What a novel idea. Let the people decide whether or not they want the KRM bad enough that they are willing to pay the increased taxes. If every municipality does not fall in line, then kill the KRM.

We are already aware that local politicians and some local businesses want the KRM. However, they are not paying for the KRM, the taxpayers are.

It is dead wrong for local politicians to continue to force these types of things down our throats like they have been doing.

Letting the people decide is the only right way to get this thing done.

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