Thursday, January 17, 2008

Virtual schools fight back

Maybe now, legislators will stop being lead around by their WEAC wallets and do what is best for every child in Wisconsin.

Why any single person would attempt to deny any single child access to a quality education is completely beyond me.

There is absolutely no excuse for the Senate Democrats attempt as destroying virtual. They apparently have just decided that they will cut the financing by 50%. That is that!


Lehman's bill would cut funding for virtual schools in half, set new requirements on student-teacher contacts and impose residency requirements. Fernandez, Davis and LeMahieu said those changes would kill virtual schools.

Lehman's plan is scheduled to get a hearing before the Senate Education Committee at 10 this morning.

It is time to contact every single state senator that may dream of voting to support this horrifying piece of trash bill.

I understand that WEAC and their democrat friends do not like virtual schools, but to deny these kids a quality education in unfathomable!

This is personal with me!

My state senator, Bob Wirch, received $569,270 in WEAC funds during his re-election campaign in 2004.

$569,270 from WEAC!

Contact Senator Bob Wirch and let him know that denying children a quality education with these virtual schools in order to show support for WEAC will not be tolerated!

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