Sunday, January 27, 2008

Democrats- your choices are angry or angrier

The race wars taking place on the left side of the aisle has now become a complete embarrassment for America in general.

The 2006 election was an angry vote. The Democrats played into that anger and handily won the Senate and the House.

Now the Democrats have turned their anger against each other.

Anyone watching Obama's victory speech last night can clearly see that he is angry about a lot of things. It was not really the words in his speech, but the venom and anger in his voice. He behaved as if he was vindicated instead of victorious.

Before Obama's camp gets too excited, remember this is the same state that John Edwards carried 4 years ago and we can clearly see where that got him in the end game of winning the nomination in 2004.

The Clinton machine is even angrier. Senator Clinton has a screeching problem as it is, this is just getting awful.

Say what you will about Republican nominees, they have not made this a race about the color of a person's skin.

Racism has reared it's ugly head and it is the Democrats that have created this race war.

The media has been stoking this race war since almost the beginning. Talking about how white Iowa had no problems voting for Obama, but white New Hampshire did. How many times have we heard in the last week that at least 50% of those voting in South Carolina would be black voters?

Who cares what color their skin is? They are Americans.

The eventual winner of the Presidency will need voters with every skin color and every religious background voting for him or her.

Can you imagine the Iraqis sitting in their living rooms watching this thing play out?

They have got to wondering how Americans can sit back and smuggly talk about Iraqi civil war when they are watching this on their TVs. The Iraqis must be saying to themselves, Shiite vs. Sunni- no problems. Just check out those Americans tearing each other apart.

Senator Obama and Senator Clinton have turned their race for Presidency into a national embarrassment.

There you go Democrats. You have get to choose between a angry black man and a angry white woman. You must be so proud.

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