Wednesday, January 23, 2008

$15 Million- That's it?

The MJS is touting Doyle's $15 million in tax breaks.

$15 Million? That's all Doyle has?

We currently have a budget shortfall of $200 million that the state's agencies have to fix by June 30th.

The only incentives that Doyle can find is $15 million?

Who voted for this guy?

Seriously- we have a huge economic crisis facing us nationwide and Doyle coughs up a measly $15 million!

We have 5.5 million people that live in this state.

That $15 million amounts to about $2.72 per per in Wisconsinite.

Wow- I wonder where I will manage to spend my $2.72 tax break from our governor.

Well, I know that I cannot buy a gallon of gas or even a pack of cigarettes.

Think! Think! Think!

Where can I spend my $2.72?


Our governor is a joke!

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