Wednesday, January 09, 2008

They didn't ask me!

As I watched last night’s returns, my mind flew back to an incident almost 10 years ago.

My Mom and I were talking on the phone about the Clinton/Lewinski scandal.

The conversation had turned to the polling numbers showing that very few Americans could have cared less about what was taking place on the national stage with Clinton and Lewinski.

Many folks told pollsters that they continued to support President Clinton, even though Clinton had lied and he was about to be impeached, they did not really care all that much.

I remember my mother telling me that she was stunned that so many Americans continued to support Clinton. I made the argument that all of the pollsters said that people did not care.

That is when she said to me about the pollsters “They didn’t ask me!”

True enough.

After seeing those numbers last night, something tell me that tens of thousands of folks stood in line yesterday in New Hampshire with the very same thought in their heads about the pollsters as my mom did years ago- “They didn’t ask me!”

Frankly, I am beginning to wonder whether the pollsters changed the way they were polling based on all of the media reports. Obama would be a strong winner! Hillary is done! Hillary’s campaign was on life support!

Repeatedly we heard this from the media through out the weekend. Almost 100% of the polls being taken were showing Sen. Obama with as much as double digits lead in New Hampshire.

Did the pollsters change their sampling demographics and they too began assuming that Sen. Obama would steam roll to the nomination? Did the pollsters actually post accurate information?

Something happened yesterday and it happened in a very short period of time. Even at 5:00pm last night pollsters and pundits were completely convinced that Obama would win.

It was not until the actual votes began to be counted that anyone could see a sign that something may be wrong on the Democrat side of the ballot. I had to giggle a little watching the deer in the headlight look on all the faces of the political pundits.

Once the realization kicked in to some of the pundits that Obama had yet to be elected king and ruler over all the land, the shock turned to anger.

The look on Fox’s Juan Williams face as it began to hit him that Obama was not only not going to win by double digits, but that he would actually lose the primary, was priceless.

Williams was so angry, stammering, “I am so proud of Obama!” Williams did not look proud. He looked furious!

No matter what we see and what we read over the next few weeks, I think that it would be wise for all of us to remember all of those people that have never been called by a pollster. They are out there and they will be voting.

I think that it is wonderful that we do not have a frontrunner in the Republican nomination. 3 states, 3 different winners on the Republican side.

This means that more and more states will actually be able to be part of the nomination process.

As far as the Democrat side, I do not know what the future holds. I tend to believe that Obama now has some serious problems. Among core Democrats, Hillary is doing quite well. The independent vote that Obama has been getting will not be as effective in the state to come. Independents will not be allowed to vote as Democrats.

In the meantime, let us enjoy the democratic process that our forefathers envisioned. This is kind of fun.

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