Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What a bunch of hooey!

The state screws up and accidentally refunds the taxpayers too much money. Once they recognize their mistake, the immediately re-bill the taxpayer, plus they add 1% in interest payments per month to the taxpayers charges.


It didn't matter that the state, not taxpayers, miscalculated the refunds. By law, the government can collect 1% interest each month on money it is owed.

Yeah, that doesn't make sense to most people either.

Public Investigator

Senator Mary Lazich and the PI jumped in and got the Department of Revenue to wave the $44,754 worth of finances charges waved.

Of course, all of those that had already paid the finance charges on the state's mistake, will now be refunded that money.

Basicaly, the state will refund some money after refunding money when they not have. The taxpayers will be refunded money that was refunded to them accidently which they then re-paid with interest.

Got that?


Yep, that is government for you.

These are the same government that wants to control your health care.

Scary isn't it?

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