Friday, January 04, 2008

Iowa caucus- no surprises

Iowa caucus- no surprises

If folks are surprised, it is because they were not paying attention.

Let me tell you, I have heard more opinions on what this means for these candidates.

Everything you could imagine being said about these results has been said.

I just remember so many of these same things being said after the 2000 election and even further back the 1992 election. Bill Clinton lost in both Iowa and New Hampshire and still won the Democrat nomination handily in 1992.

On the GOP side, there is no real front runner. Huckabee has not polled well in NH. The latest poll showed Huck down by 17 points to McCain. That may be a huge number to overcome in 5 days. So even though he had a great night in Iowa, it may not be so great in 5 days.

On the Dem side, Clinton is still polling well in NH. In fact, I am more than a little surprised that only 24 hours ago, Clinton was polling at 16 points ahead of Obama in the latest poll.

Still, anything could happen to Clinton over the next few weeks.

So I guess we will see.

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