Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Kenosha County damaged homes

I was sitting at work with one of my friends watching the storms pass over Kenosha county on Monday night. My friend lives in Wheatland and I live on the northside of Kenosha. Both areas were hit hard by tornadoes. Wheatland suffered the worst damage.

My friend and his family were not let back into the neighborhoods until yesterday and these photos are what he found. He and his wife suffered minor damage, but his next door neighbors did not fair so well.

My friend has emailed me some photos of the area that he took yesterday. I will post them as I have time.

This particular home shown below suffered some major damage. This family was home at the time the tornado struck by were in the basement, so they were safe.

Both of these vehicles at this home were parked in the garage and the garage door was down. If you look close, the vehicles did indeed move, but not really by that much. Click to enlarge the picture. The house was actually lifted up off it's foundation and shifted away from backwards.

Obviously, even though the house is standing, it is leaning backwards. It will have to be destroyed. Both vehicles can be saved.

Here is another photo from the front on the same home

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