Friday, January 18, 2008

Careful now, your bias is showing

Hat Tip- Jessica McBride

Very interesting. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is walking a very fine line and their bias is showing.

In this story about an oil magnate, on several occasions the MJS takes a swipe at Republican politicians and their connections with this oil man. The two targets of the MJS is Tommy Thompson and President George Bush.

Unless you do a little investigative work on your own, you would never know from the MJS story that Mr. Darshan Dhaliwal was playing both sides of the aisle.

Not only has Mr. Darshan Dhaliwal donated to Tommy Thompson and President Bush, but he has also donated to a whole host of prominent Democrats and Republicans.

Never mentioned in the MJS story is that our current governor, Jim Doyle, has received quite a lot of pocket change from Mr. Darshan Dhaliwal.

In fact, not a single word from the MJS on the Democrats that received money.

Jessica posted this list of donations that is on the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign website.

A lot of interesting names also pop up on this list at Open Secrets.

To be certain, there are a lot of Republicans on these lists. There are also a lot of Democrats on these lists.

The average person picking up the newspaper and reading this story are clearly lead to believe that it is Republicans only that are receiving these donations.

This is untrue.

Careful now MJS, your bias against Republicans is showing again.

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