Saturday, January 05, 2008

Where are the grown ups?

I totally missed the debates tonight, and I really wanted to see them.

So I thought I would go read about them.

4 of the 6 stories highlighted on Real Clear Politics about the debates are about every single candidate on stage that were Romney bashing.


Romney and the Onslaught

They all hate Mitt

Too Much Romney-Bashing

I have question, did a single GOP adult show up to this debate?

This is embarrassing for the GOP. This type of behavior out of people who want to lead the country is horrible.

The New Republic-

It was all a bit much. With all the "oohs" and "ahs" in the press-filing center, it felt like we were watching a game of the dozens rather than a presidential debate. At certain moments it had the effect of making Romney look more sympathetic, at others it made him look like the only adult on stage, and at others it made him look like he must be the front-runner, since people were so determined to take him down a peg. McCain in particular seemed to go too far, looking and sounding downright snide at times.

Every single person on stage has been accused of Romney bashing, including the person who calls himself a man of God.


What message to New Hampshire voters get when every single candidate on stage, from McCain to Huckabee to Thompson to Giuliani and Paul have beefs with Romney?

What in the world was all this about?

Closing note: Was Obama also one of the winners? Huckabee made as good of a case for Obama as if he were a future surrogate.

Is Huckabee running as a Democrat now?

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