Saturday, January 26, 2008

Do you believe him?

The Governor says he will not raise taxes to fix the budget hole.

Gov. Jim Doyle is promising not to raise taxes to deal with the state's budget shortfall.

Too late....

The Governor already raised taxes and fees.

Perhaps the Governor does not remember that back in October, he raised taxes and fees.

Many of those increased taxes and fees went into affect less than a month ago. The cost to get a driver's license just went up January 1st. The cost to register your car, just went up on January 1st.

By doubling the cost of the real estate transfer fee, the cost to sell a home just doubled. So those folks trying to get out from underneath the sub prime crunch, will have to pay even more money when selling their homes.

And oh, by the way, the Governor also raised your property taxes by changing the cap from 2% to 4%.

Basically, this is the same Governor that a little more than a year ago, while he was running for re-election boldly stated, "I have balanced the budget" and "I have not raise taxes", has now raised taxes and the budget is seriously out of balance. Of course, the budget was out of balance a year ago when the legislature was providing emergency funding to fix the last budget hole.

Now the Governor expects us to believe that he will not raise taxes????

By the way, even though the Governor knew that we are facing this massive budget hole, less than a week ago he was announcing new programs to give away more money.

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