Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Now, spending cuts?

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-

Collections of the three most important Wisconsin taxes increased less than
1% in the second half of 2007 - falling far short of the 3% assumed growth
needed to cover state expenditures this year and raising fears that deep
spending cuts will be necessary.

Not to worry liberals, Governor Doyle is not even thinking about it-

It's still too early to ask for spending cuts, because retail chains won't
report their year-end tax collections until the end of January, said state
Revenue Secretary Roger Ervin and Legislative Fiscal Bureau Director Bob

It's too early to ask for spending cuts????


The Governor can clearly see that this state is in big trouble. We cannot afford the bills we have now, much less the new ones that are being created as a result of this.

To make matters worse, our government did not have the foresite to see this coming and decided to jack taxes and spending anyway.

Even during this economic downturn(which always comes), Wisconsinites are faced with massive fee and tax increases this year. It would have been worse, much worse, if the Democrats had their way.

Governor Doyle has saddled Wisconsin will massive debt, services it can not pay for, massive fee increases, doubled the allowable property tax increases and he continues to take money that does not belong to them and they have no right to take.(Patient Compensation Fund)

All of this is taking place just as the governor is forced to stand in front of the people of this state and promise that he is truly the best choice to lead us out of the tax hell hole that government he has helped create for the people of Wisconsin.

The handwriting is on the wall.

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