Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Cletus Saga...

I have posted a new poll question whether or not I should continue with the Cletus saga.

I created Cletus for several reasons.

First, I wanted to become more in tune with my inner snow bunny. As most of you already know, I do not like snow very much, but the Cletus saga has been fun for me to write.

Secondly, I created Cletus to show that I really do have a sense of humor. I write about some awful serious subjects, but many times my sense of humor does not come out. Cletus gives me that outlet.

Lastly, Cletus was created to show what a joke global warming has become. I consider myself to be a environmentally friendly conservative. In fact, I believe most conservatives agree with me. We believe in clean water, recycling and protecting the environment.

However, the environmental issue has been hijacked by Al Gore and the junk science he is preaching. Probably the worst thing about the global warming debate is that Al Gore and his minions have declared the debate over and they win. What a joke.

So the question is- should Cletus continue?

Vote in the poll located in the sidebar or post your opinions in the comments.

When I asked at the blogger holiday party on Sunday, it was a unanimous- yes.

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