Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Decker logic???

Perhaps someone could help me figure this one out.

As an excuse for increases gas prices even more by re instituting the automatic gas tax increases, Decker makes this very confusing statement to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-

Decker said in future budgets he would like to revisit the automatic gas tax increases. "Out-of-staters that come here and fill up their gas tanks aren't leaving any more money behind," Decker said. "And fees are all on the backs of those of us who live here."

Huh? I have some questions about this statement.

Clearly this article is stating that we have one of the highest gas taxes in the nation.

What out of staters are coming here and filling up their gas tanks and then promptly leaving?

It is cheaper to buy gas in all of our neighboring states, than it is to buy gas in Wisconsin.

The average price of gasoline in the state of Wisconsin $3.086

The Average gas prices:

Minnesota $2.967

Illinois: $3.052

Iowa: $2.97

Michigan: $3.084

Clearly it makes no sense for anyone to leave the state they are in and travel to Wisconsin just to buy gas.

Most common sense thinking people do not drive further away from their homes just so they can pay the higher gas in Wisconsin.

Could someone please explain what Senator Russ Decker logic is in making this statement?

Clearly Decker believes that the state should now charge even higher taxes on gasoline, because the out of staters are not flooding across our borders to pay more for gasoline.

Really, someone explain Decker's logic.

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