Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thank you Wisconsin!

Wow-the help that has been sent Kenosha's direction after the tornadoes has been staggering.

Walmart was a huge help. They showed up with hundreds of storage bins so people could save what they could.

Hundreds of volunteers also showed up. In fact, they were sent home on Saturday night. The initial cleanup is done.

One of the first badly damaged homes was torn completely down yesterday and the re-building will start shortly. Their contractors were there the day after the tornadoes and began cleaning up and started the plans for rebuilding.

The neighbors who did not suffer as much damage as some are currently storing their neighbors items.

Some of the rebuilding and repairing will have to wait until spring, but many folks have opened up their pocketbooks and their homes to those left homeless.

By Saturday, less than a week after the tornadoes hit, the cleanup was done and rebuilding and repairing had started.

Thanks to Walmart and all those individuals that donated food, water, clothes, lighting, storage, etc...

Kenosha survived and everybody is taking giant steps forward in starting over.

I believe that cash donations are still be accepted at area banks, so keep those dollars rolling in. If Kenosha keeps moving, all of this will be a distant memory in a few short months.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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