Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Senator Clinton did the right thing

I know that it is really weird for me to make that statement, but I believe it to be true.

Senator Hillary Clinton did the right thing tonight by showing up in Florida and thanking the 1 million plus Democrat voters that spent part of their day doing their Democratic duty and cast a vote.

The people in Florida matter, no different than Michigan. It does not matter what the Democrat National Committee continues to say.

I think it is a huge risk for Senator Obama to continue to downplay Florida. Yes, he is correct to say that no delegates were at stake tonight. However there is something more important that happened today in Florida.

No single person put it better that Fred Barnes tonight when asked by Brit Hume whether or not the Florida Democrat race was important. Fred exclaimed- "Yes it is important, because the most important thing in the world happened today- PEOPLE VOTED!"

You tell 'em Fred!

I think it was proper for Senator Clinton to properly thank the voters in Florida and I think it is a mistake for Senator Obama not to thank the 300,000+ people who went to the polls today and voted for him.

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