Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Kenosha: Still checking

Thanks to every single person that called or emailed.

I am fine.

However, all of Kenosha County is starting to access the damage.

Places like the First Assembly of God, got hit and no one is reporting this.

This a the sanctuary of the First Assembly-

Here is a link to more pictures at First Assembly.

As I said before, this is in an area that no one is reporting any damage. Clearly there is some. This is on Kenosha's south side.

For those trying to get an idea of the locations, First Assembly is that huge church on Hwy 50, just off of I-94 to the east.

Growing up in tornado alley in Texas, I have seen this before.

What appears to have happened is that the storm was overhead, a twister would pop out of the sky, drop down and hit an area, then disappear quickly. Then another one would pop in a different area. These do not appear to be the type of long twisting tornadoes that hit the ground and roll around for a while. They kind of jump out the sky, hit something and then jump back up.

The picture that I posted yesterday, kind of shows it. There are at least 2 or 3 tornadoes bouncing around in that picture.

It will probably take all day today to figure out what kind of damage has been done. Clearly tornadoes have done some damaged both east and west of I-94. On the north east side of town and the south west side of town.

Damage has already been confirmed in Wheatland- hardest hit, Somers, Twin Lakes, Camp Lake, Burlington, Brighton, Westosha and Kenosha.

I have not heard about any damage done in Silver Lake, Bristol, Paris, Paddock Lake or Pleasant Prairie . I am not saying nothing happened there, I just have not heard anything yet.

Email me, if you have a story to tell-

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So far, only minor injuries.

What a mess.

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