Monday, January 07, 2008

Kenosha: Early damage assessment

It appears that there are no major injuries, but it is still early.

As far as the city limits in Kenosha, it appears that the 4th district has been hit the hardest, over by the Casa Capri and south.

I am hearing rumors that there is also damage in Kenosha's 5th district and 6th district also. Every few moments

I drove down into the 4th district and saw some damage, but it is pitch black out there with no power anywhere. The only lights are from the cars and the emergency vehicles.

Fox News seems to have the best coverage. They are reporting that 3 tornadoes hit Kenosha.

They have yet to really report the damage done in the city limits and I am not sure why. They were there showing the pictures of the damage in the 4th district.

They even interviewed Ralph Nudi, candidate for alderman in Kenosha's 4th district. His house sustained quite of bit of damage. With blown out windows and missing siding. Some of his neighbors lost their roofs.

I talked to Ralph and he and his family are doing fine. They were working on boarding up his house along with their neighbors.

Literally hundreds of people are milling around that area. It is not safe. Some areas are pitch black that you do not realize that people are standing in the streets until you drive right up on them.

I am not sure if the tornadoes in the city actually touched down or if they just got close enough and blew out windows and tear off roofs.

All in all, there is still so much going on. We will not really be able to tell what kind of damage has happened until the light of day.

In the meantime, everyone stay inside and for heaven's sake, stay out of the damaged area and stop standing around in the streets. Someone in going to get hurt.

Don't touch any power lines, even if you think that they are not live because the power is out.

Call the power company!

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