Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Wirch using scare tactics on seniors

Now the State Senator from the 22nd District, Bob Wirch, is using scare tactics on the senior citizens in Kenosha.

Wirch was talking to seniors at a gathering and LIED to them about Voter ID.

He told these seniors that Republicans wanted to charge everyone, including seniors, $50 to receive a voter ID, and the only way someone could vote is to have this so-called voter ID.

Anyone who knows anything about the voter ID amendment knows that a driver's license is a valid form of ID for voting. Any valid state-issued ID would be good enough to use for voting. There is no such thing as a specific voter ID. And if someone couldn't afford an ID Republicans offered a bill to have Wisconsin waive the fee for an ID.

So this is what Wirch has resorted to. Lying to seniors. And this is the man that has supposedly been working so hard to represent the 22nd District.

I just hope next time you tell this lie to seniors, someone gets you on video so we can show everyone what type of person you are.

Shame on you, Sen. Wirch, for using scare tactics and lying to senior citizens.

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