Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What happened to "Paygo"?

I guess the Democrats promise when they took over Congress of paying for items as they go along is totally out the window again-

A plan to help hundreds of thousands of homeowners avoid foreclosure is drawing bipartisan support in the Senate, setting the stage for high-stakes negotiations among congressional Democrats.

The far-reaching housing plan faces a Senate test-vote Tuesday, when it could also come to a final vote. The disputes among Democrats over key details, however, as well as a veto threat from the White House will almost certainly push any final agreement into July.

Conservative "Blue Dog" Democrats are concerned about how to pay for the measure, while members of the Congressional Black Caucus — most of them liberal — call it "unacceptable," arguing it doesn't do enough to address the needs of African Americans.

Okay- those of you goofs that actually believed the Democrats would pay for their programs by cutting funds someplace else or raising taxes, please raise your hands.

It should be a interesting vote today from Barack Obama. He was 100% behind Paygo, yet he continues to promise new programs on the campaign trail with no way of paying for them. Here is another program that there is no way to pay for, but he supposedly supports not passing legislation without figuring out where the money is coming from.

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