Monday, June 23, 2008

Breaking News: Did we fully vet the new UW- Parkside Chancellor

I sure hope somebody did because these types of rumors are not good.

This Felner fellow is headed to our school here in Kenosha and based on rumors, he is bringing some baggage along-

Check out this - Page One- Kentucky

So. Dude is all packed up on his final day and the feds show up. How coincidental is that? Millions of dollars in grant money that can’t be accounted for– or it can be accounted for but was allegedly spent on something inappropriate. Rumors of sexual harassment. And officials at UofL literally freak out when we question them about what’s going on. You know there’s some crazy shiz going down.

Maybe- before we move this fellow into our school, someone should get a few questioned answered.

Update: The Kenosha News is now on the story also.

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