Tuesday, June 03, 2008

KRM backdoor funding

It does not matter if the average southeast Wisconsin resident wants the KRM. It does not matter if we want tax dollars spent on moving the project forward.

In fact, your opinion does not matter one little bit.

The government will decide for you.

More directly, the governor will decide for you. He just handed another $6 million to the KRM.

The largest grant, for $6 million, will go to the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Transit Authority for preliminary and final engineering to upgrade and rehabilitate existing tracks and make other improvements to sidings, stations and equipment facilities as part of the 33-mile KRM commuter rail extension from the City of Kenosha, through Racine, to the City of Milwaukee.

It has almost become useless to fight. The governor will do whatever is necessary to get the KRM folks the money they want.

Since the governor cannot get the funding by facing the people directly, he will continue to sneak this type of stuff past the people of southeastern Wisconsin.

Get used to it. Our state's elected leaders are going to ram this down our throats.

Guess what? You are still going to get stuck paying for it.

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