Thursday, June 26, 2008

This is racism, isn't it?

I am a little curious why Eugene Kane refuses to call McGee a racist-

The evidence in the federal trial also helped suggest the answer to another nagging question: Why did McGee remain so popular in some parts of the black community even while accused of serious charges?

Seems to me, that answer is simple: McGee wasn't shaking down African-Americans.

He focused most of his dubious fund-raising efforts on Arab, Middle Eastern and Indian businessmen with liquor stores and gas stations in the black community. It's almost as if McGee was exacting his own personal "sin tax." The problem was the money usually went right into McGee's pocket.

I am with Charlie Sykes on this one- What "sin" did these people commit in the eyes of McGee?

Perhaps their skin color was the wrong color in the eyes of Eugene Kane and Michael McGee?

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