Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Government Giveaways- Larry Zamba Style

I often wonder if liberals spent their own money whether or not most of these government programs would be proposed.

As it is, the liberals have no problem spending the taxpayers money and then going back to taxpayers and demanding more.

Even as extreme as some liberal candidates can get with their campaign rhetoric, even I am stunned by the level of bogus government giveaways that the challenger for the 66th assembly district, Larry Zamba, is promising.

Check out these campaign promises(these are straight from his website):

Free college tuition for everyone.

Mr. Zamba says it is an investment not an expense. Common sense folks wonder how we are going to pay for this investment.

Free heath care.

Okay- Wisconsinites would actually only have to pay 4% for Healthy Wisconsin. However the reality is that in the district that Mr. Zamba is running in, many residents would have to pay two and half times more than anyone else will. The largest employer is district 66 is Abbott Labs, located in Illinois. In fact, a very large chunk of Kenosha County's population is employed in Illinois. These folks will be paying two and half times as much as everyone else. The Wisconsin resident/Illinois Employed will pay a full 10% from their paychecks.

Between you and your spouse you make $100,000 a year. You end up paying $10,000 a year. Your neighbor and his spouse makes $100,000 a year and he ends up paying $4000 a year. This is what the Democrats call fair? Worse yet, this will be government mandated and government controlled.

Here is another good one:

The government will buy back your inefficient vehicles.

For example, consumers could possibly receive $750 for every 1gal/100 mile
decrease in consumption. The government will find scrap dealers to dispose
of these inefficient old vehicles.

You give up your car old car that only gets 22 MPG and purchase a vehicle that gets 33MPG and the government will cut you a check for $24,750. If you are really smart, you can get a brand new fuel efficient car and the government will pay for it.

Oh, by the way, Mr. Zamba believes that you should get a $1000 tax credit for buying a hybrid. So now, you can buy a hybrid, get the government to pay for it and then get a $1000 tax credit to boot. Very cool.

I am not done yet. Mr. Zamba is proposing more government give aways.

Mr. Zamba wants to eliminate the QEO. That won't cost us much, will it?

$9000 tax credit for those utilizing solar power.

$.32 per gallon tax credit making your own fuel. (Seriously, try not to blow yourself up in your garage as you are attempting to make your own fuel)

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